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The Dexter Platform

Data Extractor for Epidemiological Research is a game changing software platform to help you design and conduct your routine epidemiology and pharmaco-epidemiology. It utilises Electronic Health Record (EHR) data in real-time, extracts analysable data-sets and produces results based on your study design in minutes.

Dexter converts RWD into real-world evidence (RWE) that can be used to inform healthcare decision making. It uses proprietary technology developed from academic, software and clinical leaders to do this faster, more transparently and securely with the highest levels of automation.

Dexter has been designed to overcome historic issues surrounding RWD such as biases due to lack of randomization, data quality, and the potential for spurious results due to data mining.

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What makes
Dexter different

All data

Transparent and reproducable results for all and any Real World Data, even highly heterogeneous data.


Just tell Dexter your research question, then sit back and relax. It will provide you transparent, reproducible, self-validating ‘ready-to-analyse’ dataset, summary tables, results from statistical analysis and relevant graphs. Basically, everything you would need for a publishable research paper.

Minutes instead of weeks

Results in minutes due to automation and data transformation that typically take weeks to produce. Studies that used to take months now can take hours.


Dexter has implemented knowledge engineered study designs for cohort, case-control, incidence prevalence, new-user, prevalent new-user, trial feasibility and trail emulation. These have been tried, tested, and validated, making research done using Dexter highly accurate.

In your environment

Data never leaves your TRE/Data lake/VPN/Warehouse. We can bring Dexter to your environment and not the other way. But if you do want us to host the data, we can provide secure hosting of your data. Data security is maintained to NHS standards.

Governance Framework

Automation in this setting provides the possibility of multiple outcome testing at high speed. This may lead to only results of interest procured by chance being published. Our computer executable protocols help the next generation of ethical and governance frameworks to prevent misuse of technology and data in any manner.

UI/UX Design

Build the product you need on time with an experienced team that uses a clear and effective design.

Dedicated Team

Over the past decade, our customers succeeded by leveraging Intellectsoft’s process of building, motivating.

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Introducing Our Projects

Dexter is being used by companies all over the world to improve their epidemiology and healthcare decision making.


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