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// what is DexterCare

For all those supporting high quality healthcare and population health

DexterCare revolutionises healthcare workflows by automating the extraction and analysis of data from electronic health records (EHRs), empowering healthcare professionals to reclaim time for patient care.

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Harness the full potential
of your healthcare records

DexterCare is a specialised solution designed for healthcare providers, enabling them to harness the full potential of their electronic health records. Dexter addresses challenges in healthcare, including the time and resources required to perform workflows and manage imperfect data. Dexter can optimise data utilisation for healthcare providers, freeing up valuable time currently consumed by lengthy data collection and empowering staff to undertake rapid, data-driven quality improvement and audit.


Accuracy, transparency, and reproducibility.

All data

Leverage data from multiple electronic health record systems.


Federated use, ensuring compliance of data protection guidelines.


Speed of use, regain valuable time for healthcare staff to deliver care and core activity.

// applications

Uses of DexterCare

QC Manager

Automate clinical audits and quality improvement initiatives to gain accurate insights in seconds.

Opportunity Manager

Prepare data so that it is ‘research-ready’ and be able to monetise data or win grants by conducting research.

Forecast Manager

Accurate time series analysis for forecasting outcomes, service demand, and tackling health inequalities.

Clinical Manager

Evidence based support in near-real time in the absence of clinical trial evidence.

// Dextercare in action


DexterCare was first implemented at the Shrewsbury and Telford Hospitals NHS Trust (SaTH). SATH have collaborated and co-funded development of DexterCare, recognising that improving maternity outcomes is a key priority.

Implementation of DexterCare streamlined clinical audits, drastically accelerating the process. Moreover, DexterCare automated quality improvement initiatives, facilitating quicker and more precise actions. Our findings revealed:

  • Previously, a midwife spent a few days of work to manually interrogate a complex EHR system to perform clinical audit on 10s of patient records; working with DexterCare, she subsequently automated this process and applied it to 1000s of patient records in under 10 seconds, without needing technical skills or specialist input.
  • DexterCare efficiently prepares data from electronic health record providers, making it “research-ready”
  • The hospital can now undertake more rapid quality improvement initiatives and gain deeper insights into areas for improvement
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